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At Thames View, it is important to us that you and your child feel happy, confident and safe when you join our school family. With this in mind we have developed an induction programme designed to ensure that children and parents are familiar and comfortable with the staff and the school before starting full time in Reception in September.

During the summer term, prior to starting Reception, we begin our induction process. This includes:

  • A home visit with your child’s new teacher and teaching assistant.
  • An opportunity to attend a parent ‘induction meeting’ conducted by the Head or Deputy Head Teacher.
  • Play sessions for the children to get to know their new environment and meet their peers and teachers.

In September, we introduce a staggered start, with the children new to the school starting first. The children will initially attend half days. This allows for friendships to form and confidence to grow before they stay all day.

For those children already at Thames View in our school nursery, there are opportunities to interact with their new teaching staff throughout the Summer Term, in order to build up positive relationships.

At Thames View Reception, children partake in daily adult-led phonics, literacy and maths lessons. There are opportunities for the children to practise the skills learnt in these lessons during child-initiated learning. We encourage the children to be independent thinkers, following the curiosity approach. Our classrooms are filled with many calming and natural resources for the children to explore. Well-being is important, and we believe that if our children are happy and secure in their environment, it makes for better learning.