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Our Learning

Our Curriculum

At Thames View Primary School, staff are committed to providing an education that enables all pupils to realise their dreams, goals and ambitions. We work in partnership with colleagues, parents and the community, so that pupils achieve academic success and experience personal well-being within a caring and safe environment.
  We motivate and engage children by delivering a rich and broad curriculum that inspires our pupils to become life-long and responsible learners.
  We promote our values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience and equality, throughout all we do, so that our pupils are ready to take their place in a constantly changing world.

Our intention is to ensure our children experience a curriculum that has knowledge, skills and reading at the heart of their learning.

We provide a rich curriculum that enables pupils to see the world from a wide range of perspectives. The curriculum provides enriched opportunities for children to delve deeper into their learning, building on skills progressively each year, and responds to findings from pupil feedback and school data to ensure it is bespoke to their needs and reflects the constantly changing world, locally and globally.

To find out more about our individual subjects, click the links below:


Knowledge and Skills

Our Curriculum has a knowledge and skills led approach.  Through the planning of carefully sequenced learning journeys we aim to deliver high quality lessons that enable our pupils to learn more, know more and remember more within creative and exciting contexts.  We endeavour to link subjects, where appropriate, so that learning experiences are complimentary, real and relevant, promote progression and enhance the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.  Topics are enriched through the use of quality and varied texts and in so doing develop pupils’ reading skills and reading for pleasure.  Our curriculum is further supplemented through the provision of engaging, valuable Educational Visits and by welcoming visitors to the school to support creative learning experiences for all our pupils.

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year R

Me Myself and I

Bear Necessities

Terrific Tales

Amazing Authors

Come Outside!

Around the World in 35 Days

Development Matters & Early Years Framework
Year 1

No Place Like Home

Superheroes Assemble

To Infinity and Beyond

The Animal Kingdom

What’s hot and what’s not?

I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside

Year 2

Pliable Plastics

All aboard

Flanimal Families

Spring Watch

Medieval Medway

I Like To Move It, Move It!

Year 3

Food Glorious Food

Industrial Revolution

Nature’s Revenge


The Prehistoric World

Invaders and Raiders

Year 4

Romans Rule

Magnificent Mountains

Glorious Greece

It’s all Greek to Me!

Our Changing World

Smashing Saxons

Year 5

Exploring Egypt 

Walk Like an Egyptian

Henry VIII – Tudor King 

Go with the Flow 

Save the Rainforest 

Maritime Medway 

Year 6

Britain at War!

World War 1

Britain at War!

World War 2

Hola Mexico

The Ancient Maya


Earth Matters

For a full break down on the focus of each unit and to see how subjects are organised to compliment and enrich each other, you can download the full Thames View Primary Curriculum Plan below.

We endeavour to make links between the subjects and topics so that the pupils are able to contextualise and deepen their understanding.

We use established and proven schemes of learning in Science, RE, PE, PSHE, Music and Computing.  These support teachers to ensure that the key skills and knowledge in those subjects is taught in meaningful, effective ways that sequence the learning most appropriately. 

At times, learning at Thames View is directed but at other times we encourage more open-ended enquiry based approaches through the application of big questions posed by the teacher.  These are presented at the start and through topics. We encourage a mix of both practical and written learning; using the outdoors as a classroom is fundamental to the learning opportunities we offer our children along with enrichment visits to other locations. We acknowledge that Educational Visits/activities and visitors/experts are all vital to the enhancement of the quality of education.

Further information about our Curriculum Intent can be found in the attachments on this page.