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Welcome to Year 6!

Pioneer Class

Teacher: Mrs Willson and Mr Gates
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Back

Maths Group: Mrs Bradshaw

Discovery Class

Teacher: Mrs Gulvin
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Garrett

Maths Group: Mrs Bradshaw

Welcome to Term 1 in Year 6. 

Term 5

As we head into Term 5, it will be

action packed and busy. We will be preparing for the SATs and also starting to prepare the children for secondary school. This is a busy time, filled with nerves and excitement.  

As the SATs test get closer, we use the weeks leading up to it to help prepare the children and ensure they have all the tools they need to be successful in their assessments.  We will in the first few weeks focus on reading, writing and maths but following the tests, we will then re-focus on our other curriculum areas. Please see the weblinks below for any revision websites your child may want to access. 



In our curriculum focus, we look at evolution and change. Where have we come from and how did we get here? We study the evolution of living things and how man has evolved and changed. We look at inheritance and how Darwin's survival of the fittest model works in the natural world.



Websites for Revision

IXL have separate pages of skills linked to individual Year group.  The Y6 page has links to practise both English and Maths skills.  Pages are then split into skills of which has a practise question for the children to think about.


BBC Education have produced a whole host of materials for KS2.  Follow the KS2 link and then select either Maths or English.   Each area usually has an information section for reading, plus an activity and then quiz which is marked online.  Some aspects require a subscription.


A site with both Maths and English based quizzes which are marked as you go along.


A site with a range of information and questions – great for revision purposes!


A revision site based upon the old Key Stage 2 Tests but still contains lots of useful information for both Maths and English.   http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/revision/

A site with links to Maths and English revision materials, including worksheets to look at online or to print off and practise with.  http://sats.highamstjohns.com/

Click on “For Kids” to access some fun games to practise speed of recall of times tables.


This site has loads of Maths games which help to practise a range of skills.


Loads of Maths games on a range of Mathematical concepts.


Lots of individual revision videos, worksheets, quizzes and answers related to all the maths topics.